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Well crap now I’m a little worried about posting

I mean I’ve been collecting Zak related stuff into a folder for a very long time…I can’t remember where I got all of it, therefore I wouldn’t be able to give proper credit. I don’t want to piss anyone off.

I’m officially torn.

What does everyone else do in this situation?

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Hey, did you know that reposting other people’s stuff is a douche bag move?

We made and posted this exact meme in March.

I’m so very sorry, I never claimed it was mine I don’t even know where I got it o.O I just thought it was funny! Eep I pissed someone off accidentally. 

(Meme in question is the ‘Let’s get naked, I’m game’, I have since then deleted the post but you should know if you reblogged it from me, someone may get upset.)

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Boo - Mario